Ready, Set, Begin!

July 29, 2010 at 3:33 am Leave a comment

I’ve spent many of my spare moments over the last week taking my first steps in the birthing process of Upsy Daisy Creations. I’ve established my goals, decided on what I will start selling in my etsy shop, secured a resale permit, began creating this blog as well as a facebook page and had my banners, business cards, and avatars designed. Thank you to B Town Betty for bringing Upsy Daisy to life!!

If you would have met me three and a half years ago, you would have never predicted that I’d be starting a side business where I’d be selling sewing patterns and homemade clothing. Although I’ve always had the crafting bug, sewing did not become a part of my life until I found out I would be giving birth to a little girl. Fashion has certainly always been a passion of mine and the idea of dressing a little girl was almost more excitement than I could take. I quickly learned, however, that my taste in clothing for my daughter was very different than most of the clothing on the market. And when I was able to find clothes that I absolutely loved, I couldn’t afford them. It was out of my love of fashion and my limited budget that my sewing career began.

The very first dress I made for my unborn daughter was a joke. There was no way it was wearable … in fact my aunt Gail, who has quite a bit of sewing experience, assured me it would fall apart if I were to wash it. Rather than throwing it away, I kept it …. perhaps I’ll post photos someday … as inspiration to improve my sewing skills. Many, many dresses and outfits later I can safely say that my sewing skills have vastly improved!

My obsession with fabric soon followed. I live in Sacramento, CA where the vast majority – dare I say ALL – of the fabric stores in our area cater primarily to quilters. And although I’ve made a few quilts myself and can’t bear to spend a winter without one on my sofa, the fabric is not generally the type of fabric I’m looking for. As a result I started buying fabric online, primarily through etsy … yet another obsession … and quickly fell in love with all fabric Amy Butler.

While my ultimate goal with Upsy Daisy is to sell easy-to-make patterns that I’ve created as well as complete sewing kits, in the immediate future I will be selling Amy Butler fabrics. Provided, of course, that the application I submitted today gets approved!

So my toe has officially been dipped. With any luck I’ll be diving in and swimming laps within the next month. I’m so excited I could burst!


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It’s Always About Timing

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