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As someone who dreams of finding enough talent within myself to one day design something that people will stand up and take notice of, it should come as no surprise that I’m obsessed with Project Runway. And the newest version of the same show, The Fashion Show. I’ve never missed a season and even stalk follow some of the designers on twitter in hopes that some of their talent will rub off on me, albeit virtually.

So about a month ago while reading through the enormous number of creative and amazing blogs I follow via my google reader I read a post by the person I want to be when I grow up, Ashley at Lil’ Blue Boo who teased us by mentioning an upcoming Project Runway style competition featuring children’s clothes. Try as you might, I don’t think you can understand my level of excitement. I scoured google in hopes of finding out what she was eluding to, but came up empty handed. Then, somewhere around the last week of December, I found it … Project Run and Play.

This week marks week two of the competition and no, Upsy Daisy is not participating. Officially. But, unofficially we are hoping to test our creative skills and see how we think they stack up next to the other official and non-official competitors!

The challenge this week was to take the following Leila and Ben dress pattern and interpret it how you wish. Rather than tip the creative interpretation scale beyond recognition, we chose to create an upcycled piece to showcase the pattern’s flexibility. In this case we took my father’s (or it may have been my brother’s/cousin’s/grandfather’s) old button down shirt along with scrap fabric left over from another project and made what you see here.

And now we’re off to post a link to our work on the Project Run and Play blog!! Fun, fun, fun!!



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Tomorrow is a big day for Upsy Diasy. If all goes as planned our facebook and twitter updates tomorrow will announce the name of the boutique in East Sac where you can find our upcycled line of clothing!

As we dive head first into 2011 I can’t help but think how big this year is going to be. We have so many ideas, so many items on our to-do list, so many lessons I’m sure we will learn. My hope is that we can hunker down and focus and not make too many mistakes along the way!

We’ve been spending the first few weeks of the new year building inventory for our brick and mortar debut. For me, this means that I’ve had to sew most of the clothing in sizes my kids don’t wear so that I couldn’t even be tempted to keep the clothes for myself! I’ve also had to explain to my daughter that all of those dresses are not for her, a concept which she’s not been too eager to grasp.

Here’s hoping that this time tomorrow night we will be posting photos of our exciting adventure!!

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It’s a new year

Happy New Year, friends! With every new year seems to come resolutions, and this year is no different. One of our 2011 resolutions is to keep this blog updated more frequently, which should come as no surprise being that it’s been months since our last post.

We are starting out with a bang, sewing like mad to get ready to place our upcycled pieces in our first boutique. They will debut on 1-11-11, so stay tuned for the big reveal!

In the meantime, please visit us on facebook and/or twitter to keep up to date with our progress. And once again, happy new year to all …

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 It’s hard to believe it’s been over a month since our last blog post. The absence of posting is not for a lack of caring, or due to a low priority … there’s actually a very good reason: We are swamped!!

In early September we hosted our first trunk show which was a resounding success. We truly appreciate the support of all of our family and friends and are most grateful for the large number of sales!  Since the trunk show we have been focused on giving some thought to the business in terms of where we want to take it. Oh, and we’ve been sewing. And sewing. And sewing!

The “business” side of the business is finally falling in to place as well. Licenses, permits and bears (oh my!) have all been acquired and all systems are go from that stand point. And today, those darling clothing labels you see pictured here arrived!

In addition to all of the legal mumbo-jumbo, we’ve given a lot of thought to what we want Upsy Daisy to be. And although we absolutely love working with gorgeous fabrics and creating amazing pieces of clothing, we have learned that our true passion is elsewhere.

Where, you may be asking?

With creating upcycled – or repurposed – clothing. From the hunt for the perfect tshirt and figuring out which pieces work well together, to creating each individual piece of art, we can barely contain our excitement!  Don’t be surprised to find hoodies made from our husband’s old concert tshirts, dresses made from our grandfather’s old dress shirts, or old sweaters that have found new life in a completely different form. We love that what we are doing has a green component, we love that each piece is 100% unique, and we love that there is often a sentimental attachment to our creations.  

Yes, we will still create new pieces from the room full of fabric we have which will eventually be available in our etsy store. And although we won’t get going crazy on the upcycled items until after all of our trunk show orders have been completed and delivered, here is a sneak peak at what our future will hold:

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What a difference a day makes …

Yesterday I spent a lot of time thinking about Upsy Daisy and finding myself stuck. Where do I start? I have so many things I want to accomplish, but seem to be missing the ability to prioritize. How am I ever going to make this work? When will I find the time needed to dedicate myself to progress? How? When? Who? Why???

I love it when you put your questions out in to the universe and the universe answers. My answer came today in the form of my good friend, Deidre.

Deidre caught the sewing/crafting/creating bug not long after I did. Over the last year or so we have spent countless hours talking fabric, patterns, sewing, et al. It would only make sense that she be a part of Upsy Daisy. So, please join me in welcoming the other half of Upsy Daisy .. Deidre!!

We sat down today and put all of the ideas floating around in our heads down on paper. We then prioritized – and I cannot tell you how “settled” I feel now that there is a plan – with real deadlines – in place! A plan that I think has an excellent chance of helping us reach our goals. We are very excited and I know we will make a fabulous team!

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It’s Always About Timing

Look at me trying to start a new side business having just returned from a month in Europe (read: broke), a few weeks from the start of the new school year, a toddler to move in to her “big girl room” which requires a room swap and minor closet construction, and to add to the mix? I was sick, sick, sick this week. As in I haven’t been this sick in at least 15 years. Oh, and we’re trying to go camping this weekend …

The total sum of what I accomplished for Upsy Daisy? A big fat zero.

The good news is that my fabric has shipped and should be here in the next week or so.  And so long as everyone in my family stays healthy I do plan on pulling out the piles of fabric I brought home from Italy to start creating dresses next week. Realistically only one or two dresses because as much as I’d like to keep sewing one after the other, I also have to work on the pattern making. I’ve made three patterns so far and all of them need to be adjusted and remade. After I get the adjustments just right I then have to create the patterns in other sizes and make the dresses in those sizes, find friends who have kids in those sizes to try the dresses, and then adjust again. I now know why my favorite pattern makers out there take so long to create a new piece!

One of the dresses I’ll be making – and selling (as soon as I get the license) – is an upcycled dress using a pattern from one of my inspirations, Little Blue Boo. Although mine will look different than those she has on her website, the basic construction will be the same. I’ve been collecting old tshirts for months now, have scored a few on super clearance at Target, and found some fabulous solid coordinating fabric while in Italy! I can not wait to start creating them!!

So there you have it. I’ve done nothing in the past week other than think about what I want to and need to be doing! I’m looking forward to making some significant progress next week!!

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Ready, Set, Begin!

I’ve spent many of my spare moments over the last week taking my first steps in the birthing process of Upsy Daisy Creations. I’ve established my goals, decided on what I will start selling in my etsy shop, secured a resale permit, began creating this blog as well as a facebook page and had my banners, business cards, and avatars designed. Thank you to B Town Betty for bringing Upsy Daisy to life!!

If you would have met me three and a half years ago, you would have never predicted that I’d be starting a side business where I’d be selling sewing patterns and homemade clothing. Although I’ve always had the crafting bug, sewing did not become a part of my life until I found out I would be giving birth to a little girl. Fashion has certainly always been a passion of mine and the idea of dressing a little girl was almost more excitement than I could take. I quickly learned, however, that my taste in clothing for my daughter was very different than most of the clothing on the market. And when I was able to find clothes that I absolutely loved, I couldn’t afford them. It was out of my love of fashion and my limited budget that my sewing career began.

The very first dress I made for my unborn daughter was a joke. There was no way it was wearable … in fact my aunt Gail, who has quite a bit of sewing experience, assured me it would fall apart if I were to wash it. Rather than throwing it away, I kept it …. perhaps I’ll post photos someday … as inspiration to improve my sewing skills. Many, many dresses and outfits later I can safely say that my sewing skills have vastly improved!

My obsession with fabric soon followed. I live in Sacramento, CA where the vast majority – dare I say ALL – of the fabric stores in our area cater primarily to quilters. And although I’ve made a few quilts myself and can’t bear to spend a winter without one on my sofa, the fabric is not generally the type of fabric I’m looking for. As a result I started buying fabric online, primarily through etsy … yet another obsession … and quickly fell in love with all fabric Amy Butler.

While my ultimate goal with Upsy Daisy is to sell easy-to-make patterns that I’ve created as well as complete sewing kits, in the immediate future I will be selling Amy Butler fabrics. Provided, of course, that the application I submitted today gets approved!

So my toe has officially been dipped. With any luck I’ll be diving in and swimming laps within the next month. I’m so excited I could burst!

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